Say goodbye to lump sums and mounting costs with our PremierCare Plan

Sometimes the costs associated with maintaining a good standard of eye care can build up a little quicker than you’d like. But should you have to choose between your health and your bank balance?

With our PremierCare plan, you won’t have to. By spreading the cost of routine eye examinations and new eyewear over manageable monthly payments, you can have access to the most desirable eye care without having to pay in full at every appointment.

As a member of PremierCare, you’ll also be entitled to a range of benefits and discounts, including:

  • Comprehensive eye exams as often as your optician recommends
  • 25% off all purchases in practice, except contact lenses. In your first year on the scheme this discount will be 15%.
  • Additional discounts on seasonal promotions
  • No additional charge for emergency appointments or repeat tests
  • Full protection under the direct debit guarantee, meaning you can stop your payments at any time. Charges may apply if you leave within certain specified periods – please see the terms and conditions for full details.

Terms & Conditions

  • Fees will be collected monthly by direct debit, around the 28th of the month. Fees are fixed at £8.50 per month for private patients and £7.50 per month for NHS patients.
  • Initial membership of the scheme is fixed for two years, after which you must remain a member for at least 6 months after each examination and/or purchase of glasses.
  • Charges are fixed for the first two years of the scheme, after which time we will notify you of any change in the direct debit fee when you attend for your appointment.
  • You may leave the scheme at any time, but doing so within either the first two years or within 6 months after an exam or glasses purchase will result in full charges being due for all examinations and purchases within the rest of that period.
  • Should a payment fail, we will contact you to request alternative payment. If your payment fails for 3 consecutive months we will consider you to have left the scheme, in which cases the charges above may then apply.
  • After a 1 year qualifying period, during which time you will be entitled to a 15% discount on all purchases, you will receive a price reduction of 25% providing that all optical appliances are supplied to your prescription. Contact lenses are not included in this offer.

The scheme is intended to continue indefinitely, as long as you wish to remain a part of it. However, in the event that we decide to stop the scheme we will notify you in writing 3 months before the scheme ends. After this time, no price reductions or refunds will be applicable in respect of payments that have been made.